In Memory of Hershel Toomim Sc.D

Hershel Toomim passed away at 4 am Tuesday July 19, 2011. Hershel had just turned 95 on June 19, 2011.  He will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him.  He was a great friend who was always willing to listen and offer his advice.

If you would like to write a remembrance of Hershel, please feel free to do so here. If you would like to send something private to the family please contact Bob Marsh and he will be sure the family receives it. Please leave Hershel Toomim in the subject line.

HISTORY OF BIOFEEDBACK AND NEUROFEEDBACK – The Hershel Toomim Story from AAPB Magazine Summer of 2008

The RC Hall of Fame Web site  features a narrative about Hershel’s contributions in that area on their site.

1 thought on “In Memory of Hershel Toomim Sc.D”

  1. Hershel Toomim was a great friend and mentor. Over the years Hershel was always there to offer his advice (whether asked for or not). His friendship is something I will miss dearly. He was a unique individual that was always there to remind me to live life to the fullest. In one of our last conversations Hershel reminded me about how life can be fleeting, especially when you feel your work isn’t done.

    He was very happy to have a second chance in life to make up for some of the things he may have missed out on in the first half of his life. He made it clear to me that I should never let my work overcome my involvement in my family life. He once told me to be sure to appreciate the joys of fatherhood – as you really only have one chance at it. Wise words from someone with plenty of life experience.

    I am very happy I had the opportunity to call Hershel my friend and learn from such a wonderful person. Hershel truly cared about people. Hershel will be sorely missed. Rest in peace my friend.

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