EEG – Lessons From A Half-Million Brains


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This week we’re joined by QEEG Diplomate (yes, that’s a term!) and founder of Brain Science International Jay Gunkelman, to talk Electroencephalography.  After analyzing over a half-million EEG scans, Jay has a pretty robust set of human brain data at his disposal… And he uses that body of knowledge to guide the work of psychiatric and other health professionals who make proscriptive recommendations about patients’ brains.

Episode Highlights

  • 0:33 What is EEG?
  • 1:15 This Week in Neuroscience: Existing Drug May Prevent “Old Age” Brain
  • 2:40 iTunes review thank-you and a thank-you to Tyler Warren
  • 3:30 Quick apology and retraction from Episode 71
  • 3:39 Introduction to Jay Gunkelman
  • 4:50 How the EEG has evolved over the years and how long does the process take?
  • 7:55 Why do people generally go through the EEG process?
  • 8:58 How easy is it to gauge results from readouts with no prior knowledge of a patient?
  • 9:29 What’s the difference between EEG and QEEG?
  • 10:38 Why don’t people use EEG for diagnosis more often?
  • 12:28 The phenotype approach
  • 17:38 What is the definition of “optimal performance”?
  • 20:18 Removing interference patterns and enhancing cognitive flexibility
  • 21:52 Get your EEG done with Jay’s company Brain Science International, and find out more about EEG at


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